New Year - New You! Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Become an APR

You are a skilled and knowledgeable PR practitioner, so let it be known by becoming Accredited in Public Relations (APR). Accreditation sets you apart as a certified expert in the field of PR. It gives your clients more confidence in your skills. It demonstrates your expertise to the executive suite. It positions you for career advancement as a proven industry leader. Did you know… research shows that accredited PR professionals make nearly 20 percent more than non-accredited practitioners? Plus, more and more job postings are requiring the APR designation for hiring. Become accredited and gain the satisfaction of knowing you are among the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and determined PR professionals in the nation.

The APR process is not easy, but WMPRSA can help. Throughout 2011, accredited leaders of WMPRSA will host APR preparation training. If you are a knowledgeable, skilled, PR professional devoted to becoming accredited, we can help you reach your goal. Look for more information in upcoming notices, or contact WMPRSA APR Chair, Dr. Patrick Bishop, at