PRSA + July Learning Opportunities

Happy summer, WMPRSA members!

One of the many perks of your membership is access to great PRSA webinars and much more! Here is what you should be on the lookout for this month and next:

Webinars (Free for Members)

  • July 12: Media Training for Media Trainers
  • July 14: Key Message Development
  • July 19: How to Monitor Anything
  • July 21: Craft Content Marketing Pieces That Almost Write Themselves
  • July 26: Online Influencer and Stakeholder Mapping
  • Aug. 9: Guiding Leaders to Make Wise Decisions in a Crisis

Workshops/Partner Events

  • July 26-27: Social Media & Storytelling Summit
  • July 27-28: “NOT Your Father’s News Release” Writing Workshop
  • Aug. 10-11: PR Writing Conference
  • Aug. 18: Think Like a Friend, Fan, Follower or Visitor
  • Aug. 26: Brand Journalism Workshop for Corporate Communicators 

To register or learn more about webinars, workshops and partner events, click here.

Upcoming PRSA National Events