WMPRSA Member Profile: Tara Hernandez

Name: Tara Hernandez

Organization: Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Title: Marketing and Communications Director

Reason you got into PR:
I got into PR for a new challenge. After spendinga decade as a sports anchor working long nights, weekends, and holidays I decided it was time to settle into something different. The airport has been a perfect fit for me. I have a chance to be creative and have some fun, plus I still get to share people’s stories, have an impact on our community, and have a little bit more of a ‘normal’ schedule!  

Biggest Career Break:
My first television job in Augusta, Georgia. I was the first female sports anchor hired in that market.

At work, I’m proudest when I can:
Partner with one of our tenants - whether it be an air carrier, parking, or even our skycap services - to provide a positive customer service experience. We’ve been able to tell some great human interest stories through these tenants, thanks to the wonderful community we have at GRR.

Dream Job:
I’m living it!