Top 10 Takeaways from the Changing Media Landscape with Steve Kelso

Here are our top 10 takeaways from Steve Kelso, featured speaker at WMPRSA's lunch program on March 16:

Steve brings 30 years of television news experience to his current position of Marketing and Communications Manager at Kent County Health Department

Steve brings 30 years of television news experience to his current position of Marketing and Communications Manager at Kent County Health Department

  1. Media buyouts and consolidation have a significant impact on local journalism. Since 2008, 6,500 reporters have been eliminated nationwide. At the same time, reporters are expected to do more (longer newscasts, work with fewer photographers, maintain social media presence, etc.). This leaves less time for investigative and beat reporting, but more room for "content."  This is where PR practitioners can help—become a quality content provider.
  2. Cell phones can capture quality photography and even video in some cases. Steve favors the camera pictured below video.
  3. Try playing around with editing in Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Steve says they’re fairly intuitive.
  4. Resist the urge to brand video content that you send to the news media (sorry, logo). Instead Steve suggests asking for a courtesy credit.
  5. To maintain journalistic integrity, it is important that media are able to edit your content as they see fit.  As the PR practitioner and content provider, you get to shoot in a controlled environment, control the quality, protect clients’ privacy and decide gets released.  Media determine news value and how to tell the story. Ultimately, everyone wins!
  6. Since many TV stations are working with fewer photographers, creating your own content can help ensure you get coverage (or more coverage) than you would without interesting visuals.
  7. Post your content on your YouTube channel.  You can send an exclusive email link or password protect the content that you are creating specifically for the media, so it doesn’t junk up the videos you share with your general audience.  Steve also likes Vimeo for its quality.  Video should be 1080i or 720p.
  8. Not confident in your video making skills?  Steve suggests taking a class on story-telling techniques or searching YouTube for how-to videos.
  9. Richard Branson said, “If it can't fit on the back of an envelope, it's rubbish.” Steve agrees. He recommends keeping your content clear, succinct and easy-to-cover. Think of the viewers/media consumers first.
  10. Here are some examples of Steve’s work: Take the Shot. Mosquito testing.
  11. BONUS: As any good Health Department employee should do, Steve reminds you to always wash your hands.

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