New Member Profile - Nicole Cook of the Humane Society of West Michigan

Nicole Cook, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Humane Society of West Michigan 1. Where do you work and what is your title?

I am the Marketing and Events Coordinator at Humane Society of West Michigan.

2. What is your main objective in that role?

My main objective is to do anything and everything necessary to promote our organization and the animals in our care. Whether it is writing a press release or assisting on a hoarding case, I have done it all :)

3. What PRSA benefit do you find the most value in?

I enjoy the webinars. My job requires a lot of my time so I'm not able to attend the monthly luncheons but the webinars offer a lot of valuable information that I can more easily attend.

4. Why did you join WMPRSA?

I joined WMPRSA to network and learn from more people in the Public Relations field. I am a firm believer of learning what works (and what doesn't work) from other people's experiences. Your peers are an invaluable resource and something that you should reference.

5. If you could have a job anywhere in the world, where and what would it be?

I would love to work at Alison Brod PR in New York City. They are a full-service public relations firm comprised of a staff of 60 women. They specialize in product placement and events and have been highly successful. I would love to work in their high-energy, hardworking office!

6. Name a favorite website and explain why you like it.

I love spending time on! It is a website that allows my creativity to shine and has given me many ideas that are way out of the box! I have found numerous items of inspiration that have allowed me to create bigger and better concept events and/or campaigns for Humane Society of West Michigan.